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Singapore unique characteristics and highly accessible infra structure make it one of the best place to study and work in Asia. Aiming to be the educational hub of the region, this multicultural country provides student with an exciting plate from for personal growth professional fulfillment, cross cultural interaction and networking with student from across the globe. Singapore offers the best both worlds as it is cosmopolitan enough to be familiar yet sufficiently exotic to inspire trying new things; food, experiences and making new friends. The city fuses modernity and tradition with both celebrated in equal parts.
Points about Singapore:

  • Safe and secure environment
  • Friendly
  • Highly Accessible
  • Culturally Driver
  • Excellent transportation
  • Regional Business hub

Cost of Living:

  • The average living cost of a student in Singapore is estimated to be $8,000 Rent (per month); $ 250
  • Food (per month) : $ 200
  • Transportation (per month): $ 50
  • Miscall amazons: from $ 150