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New Zealand

‘Whatever we learn to do us, Learn by actually doing it
Men become builders, for instance
Playing the harp ‘
‘In- the same way, by doing just
Acts we come to be just
By doing self controlled acts we
And by doing brave acts we
Become brave

The country is a land of great contrasts. New Zealand is a small island nation with a temperate climate. You are never more than a few hours away from the sea. In fact all of the larger cities are on the coastline, with vistas of blue seas and green hills. Further inland are the mountains, the backbone of the two major islands (North and South Island) with tramping all year round and skiing for up to six months of the year.
New Zealand is fast emerging as the first choice for foreign students willing to go for higher studies. The educational institutions in the country are highly regarded the world over for their excellence in imparting quality education. A range of opportunities in higher education makes the country an important destination for those willing to pursue higher education. Moreover, the people of the country are well traveled and it is the reason why they accept people from different culture with great hospitality. The country has a progressive education system with excellent facilities on offer. There are support services available for international students. A range of academic, professional, and vocational courses is available to students. New Zealand, at present, has more than 20000 international students pursuing different courses at different levels. In fact, the institutions in the country are known for producing top-notch professionals.

New Zealand, an established democracy, provides an attractive and conducive study atmosphere. There are a number of government-funded institutions in the country that provide both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Needless to say, the quality of education in the country is world-class.

A number of dynamic and world-class educators are available across the institutions in the country. Students pursuing higher education in the country have a wide range of educational resources and technologies at their disposal. A personalized approach to learning is another reason why New Zealand is a favorite among the students. It can be mentioned here that campuses in the country are highly cosmopolitan in nature with the presence of students from all corners of the world.
To sum up, students willing to go for higher studies in the country can be assured of getting qualifications of a reliable value and a standard that can be easily compared to qualifications achieved in world’s leading educational institutions.

In order to aid the students who are planning to study in New Zealand, here are some links, which are mentioned below. These links will help a student understand New Zealand better and also know more about the colleges and universities in New Zealand. Most tertiary institutions also provide English language preparation for further study or foundation courses.

Work hard and play hard is the lifestyle choice of many international students in New Zealand. If you are looking for world-class education and training, and also want new experiences, fun, a relaxed lifestyle and a safe and healthy environment, then you should consider New Zealand as your study destination.

Admission Season in New Zealand

In New Zealand the academic session is slightly at variance from that in the US. The education system in the country has been patterned on semesters. The first semester starts during the month of February and is over by end June. The second semester starts in July and runs till November. Some universities have a three-semester pattern where the semesters begin in February, July and November. You will find a wide range of options when you consider New Zealand as a study destination

Work: Student at higher educational programs is normally allowed to work 15 to 20 hours a week (full time work during the summer holiday) after school hours. The salary for the student jobs is approximately DKK 100-150 per hour.