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Through having a smaller size of organization, population and some good universities, thousands of students fly abroad for their higher education, each year and this is increasing session by session of couse, these are many institutions in the country which helps the students to choose the university and academic programme fail to recognize the true value of studies and the matter concerned because of which the students suffer a lot first in the processing itself and then in the traveling and final settlement.

it is a kind of institute unique in itself, providing professional counseling in making aspiring student from Nepal and able to study abroad in different universities of their choice in the world. Hawk Everest Research Organization was established with strong objective to the diverse needs of educational sector in Nepal.

Educational Foundation is an experienced representative/local agent in associate with different schools/colleges/Universities in various countries which was found for more than 6 years. We recruit students for more than 1,000 Schools/Colleges/Universities all over the world. Hundreds of students applied successfully through Hawk during these years. Our students always seek advice from our experienced Overseas Education Consultants for furthering their studies in other countries like America, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherland, Norway, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore etc. We are pleased to help our students who have good academic attitude and good behavior in seeking a suitable and qualified college for furthering their studies.
In addition, we are always seeking more qualified institutions for our students. Hawk is a bridge for both schools and students in Nepal. For instance, we will hold overseas education seminar regularly and the representatives of the schools/colleges/Universities, visit our office to hold interviews with the students directly.
  • Application - Assist students in preparing academic report to the schools/Colleges/Universities.
  • Apply Student VISA - Assist students in preparing the entire documents and the interview with the Consulate.

Service Area:

Hawk is providing the following services:
  • Free consultant service
  • Provide school/Colleges/Universities, network throughout U.S.A., England, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore etc.
  • Assists students in applying Student Visa/ Dependent Visa/ High Skills Migrant Visa & Others...
  • Assists students in booking the flight tickets with special offer
  • Arrange boarding place/home stay and transportation from the airport
  • Follow up with the students who already studying abroad
  • Exchange program & credit transfer…
  • Summer Course in U.S.A, England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada…
  • Assists for Financial solution

  • Our company need successful in creating and maintaining a large link with a variety of universities in the world.
  • Providing quality counseling service and educational advice to the prospective students to study in the university and college abroad.
  • It seeks to provide all the aspirations with quality counseling and assistance right from choosiung a university and academic programme until the students get we settled place of the country of his/her choice.
  • Managed with highly qualified and acclaimed, academicians institutions has proceeded ahead to help its valued students choose a right college or university getting cautions of various elements like fees and affordability, climate, academics, offering etc. for their Undergraduate, Graduate, Master Degree, Doctorial or professional studies in the faculties of their interests.
  • Assisting the aspirants to get well-settled in the country of choice for studies.
  • Completely committed in meeting it's objectives through fair & productive processes.
  • Advising students and parents on abroad study.
  • Searching the college and universities of student's requirements.
  • Established being run and promoted by true academicians and prfessionals with substantial experience.