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A small country, Cyprus based on tourism business is emerging as a popular destination among international students. The Universities in Cyprus is committed in maintaining and developing international standards of excellence in teaching and research at both undergraduate and graduate levels. With a multicultural perspective, Cyprus provides a unique intellectual and cultural environment, where scholars of diverse nationalities and cultures can meet and freely exchange information and ideas, while learning in an exciting atmosphere of experimentation and scholarship. Especially due to the internationally recognized education in the tourism and management field with a affordable fee, many students are willing and studying in Cyprus.

» Students Work Permit in Cyprus

Students applying for a student visa are required to duly attest their documents (i.e. – educational documents, police clearance certificate, bank sponsorship letter, medical reports and passport) by the appropriate/relevant authorities in their home country. The attestation process differs between countries that have signed the Hague Convention (1961) (Apostille) and those who have not: