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Australia is a land of contrasts sweeping golden beaches, coral reefs with marine life, tropical rainforests, and mountain ranges gorging lands and spares deserts.
Student from all over the world come to Australia to take advantage of world class education and enjoy friendly hospitality and cultural diversity you can experience almost every type of cuisine available throughout the world in many restaurant in Australia. Student visa holders can work up to 20 hours a week and during vacation you work full time.
Australia has strict laws that ensues all courses offered in international student are of high standard and your tuition fees are protected Australia has very low crime rates and a safe country compared to almost all other countries in the world.

In recent times, Australia has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for higher education and has built a strong reputation for educational excellence. Currently, there are 200 000 international students pursuing different types of courses at different levels in the country. Education in the country offers the students with new and varied opportunities. At the same time, the students experience an all-new world replete with unparalleled experiences. The programs offered in the universities are world-class and have worldwide recognition and a reputation for excellence. Moreover, the relaxed and safe lifestyle is another factor why students increasingly choose Australia for higher education. Comparatively, the cost of education and living is also lower for the standards of education that Australian universities are second to none.

Australia’s rapid emergence on the international education scene has attracted huge number of students. In fact, Australia has a higher percentage of international students than the US or the UK. Cheaper courses are another reason why students prefer the country for further education. The country has a national set of education that has been endorsed by the national government. Entry into the Australian universities is tough as there is a high degree of competition. English proficiency is a must for both under graduate and postgraduate studies.

In order to aid the students who are planning to study in Australia, here are some links, which are mentioned below. These links will help a student understand Australia better and also know more about the colleges and universities in Australia.

Admission Season in Australia

Higher education in Australia has been divided into a semester pattern. Universities have two semesters a year that are normally between February and November. There are several universities in the country that have an optional short summer semester.

Living Cost:
The cost of living for the international students in Australia is lower than in USA and UK. The average cost per year in Australia is AUD $ 1, 05,000 to $ 12,000. This includes accommodation, food, transport, clothing, fuel, power, telephone and entertainment.

Have you thought about studying in Australia?
  • Understand your needs and requirements regarding your intention to study in Australia.
  • Helping you to settle down in Australia and giving guidance on the living style.
  • Advice you the best option to take in order to achieve what you want.
  • Assist you in opening bank account and applying for a tax file number if you intend to work.
  • Helping you to extend you student visa if you decide to extend your students upon completing your initial course.